Fifteen years ago, six heroes from a different world — Hank the Ranger, Diana the Acrobat, Eric the Cavalier, Sheila the Thief, Bobby the Barbarian, and Presto the Magician — armed with Heirlooms of great power, and the omnipotent being, the Dungeon Master, were finally able to seal the Dragon Gates thereby locking away the evil five-headed dragon goddess, Tiamat.  But in the process, both Dungeon Master and his former apprentice, Venger, disappeared and are now presumed dead.  

Since then, the six great heroes of the past have scattered to the winds.  Presto has gone missing and his tower has been left abandoned.  Hank has disappeared into the wilds of the North for reasons unknown.  Sheila has stayed mostly to the shadows, with doom and destruction following her rare sighting.  The mere utterance of her name has become a bad omen.  While Eric and Diana have attempted to take on the mantel of protector of the world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Unfortunately, some have objected to the actions taken to ensure their security, resulting in them referring to him as the Oathbreaker.  Finally, Bobby is said to be working with a new and mysterious figure known as the Dungeon Mistress, whose motives and interests are presently unknown.

With rumors of chromatic dragon cults clearly intent on destroying the seals on the Dragon Gates on the rise, the world of Dungeons and Dragons finds itself once again in need of the six great heroes.  Will new heroes arise to combat the evils facing the land, or will Tiamat be set free to savage the land with her fury.  

Plundering Philandria

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