Plundering Philandria

Episode 4: Lock and Key?

The group made their way to the keep at the top of Sighing Valley.  Using her noble training, Griffin was able to get the group and audience with the lord, whom they suspected was a dragon cultist, and likely in possession of a key the hope will open a magical door.  

While out to hunt a manticore, and finding it very easily, Vincent stayed behind to search the castle with the assistance of an invisibility potion.  While doing so, he found a secret alter in Lord Merosaka's room dedicated to, presumably the worship of Tiamat.  On the alter was a dagger, with a dragon's claw handle, and the key in a glass bottle.

With a bit of dumb luck and subtle trickery, Vincent manages to reunite with the group and escape the keep without being caught by Lord Merosaka.  However, before they can get more than 100 feet away, an adult blue dragon swoops down out of the sky (rudely killing Chabbs current "love" interest) and dryly rasps, "I believe you have something of mine ….."   

Episode 3: The Sighing Valley

Upon returning to their camp, they find that their leader has betrayed them and run off in the night.  Worse, he has taken the key to one of the Heirlooms with him.  Have the dragon cults been that successful in infiltrating Philandria?  

With some work they make their way to the Sighing Valley, where they decide to explore a nearby cave.  Inside they find a magical mouth protecting a lock, a family of Griffins, and a dead body.  After finding a message on the body, and solving the protective riddle, the group is forced to flee an angry family of Griffins.  They return to the nearby forest to plan their next move.   

Episode 2: What Tower?

The group, which has taken to calling itself the Plunder Monkeys, finds its way into the Magician's towards.  Unfortunately, they quickly discover that they were not the only ones looking for the Magician.  After encountering a water elemental and rummaging about the Magician's notes, the group escapes from the tower with clues to the Magician's possible location.   

Episode 1: Up Shits Creek

The group commandeers a raft and take it up river towards the Magician's tower.  Along the way an encounter with hostile creatures threatens to delay their best laid plans.  

Episode 0
A Gathering of Strangers

In the dark of night, Eric gathers together a band of unlikely strangers to seek out Presto.  One of their number is given the lead, and ostensibly more information about their goals and Eric's plans.  

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